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Milk products are foods with great importance, due to that they are considerade to be one of the most complete groups of foods that exist and it is also one of the oldest foods consumed by man. As everybody knows ,milk is extremely important in our nutrition specially the first six months of life, when the consumption of this products is very convenient due to that it gives a great amount of nutrients and also for the good balance in its composition.

Milk  can be in innumerable wants to include in cooking preparation, both directly and indirectly. Meals that are augmented with milk receive an increase in their (normal) nutritional value which in them facilitates consumption for people of all ages (children above all), who has diferents tastes.furthermore, milk easily subtitute any food group without altering too much of their original nutritional value, for example yoghurt, all kinds of cheese, cream etc, and also it is possible to consume milk in different form such as fresh, pasteurized, sterilized, powder condensed (sweetened or unswiteened), skimmed etc.






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